Supermarket High Level Cleaning - Morrisons Case Study

Morrisons needed a deep clean for both the interior and exterior of their buildings, so Wilson Contracts Services were brought in to reach the high-level areas with our specialist cleaning equipment and trained cleaning crews.

Supermarket High Level Cleaning - Morrisons Case Study

The Challenge

In order to successfully complete the interior and exterior cleaning needed to a high standard, one of our specialist cleaning crews was sent to the locations, including crews with certifications such as IPAF (licensed for work on cherry pickers, aerial and scissor lifts), PASMA (those who have had training in the assembly, use, inspection and dismantling of towers), and of course, staff with supervisor training (SSSTS) and petrol safety awareness (UKPIA).The next step involved establishing agreed safety protocols with Morrisons, including working hours, barrier setup and RAMS.

WCS also had to determine the scope of work before commencing, and then agree to obtain sign-off from the manager before issuing completion paperwork once the job was completed, therefore ensuring the cleaning was done to a superior level.


WCS achieved comprehensive cleaning of all sections within Morrisons premises by employing specialised access equipment, including multiple pieces as necessary, to reach every area. Utilising high and low-pressure equipment, along with agitation tools, facilitated the removal of stubborn stains and grime. The entire process was executed meticulously, ensuring a high standard of cleanliness throughout.

We understand the importance of fast responses and minimising any disruption cleaning services could cause for a business. With crews based nationally, our specialist cleaning teams can work wherever you're based in the UK, and we can react quickly to any emergency work required. Furthermore, our flexible solutions mean that we can carry your commercial cleaning services out around your operating hours to minimise disruption.

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