Duct Cleaning

Keeping your ducts clean is important to prevent the build up of dust, mould and bacteria.

Duct Cleaning

Why Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning is important to allow cool or warm air to flow freely through a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. A well maintained duct system can ensure the hygiene of your building by reducing risk and safety hazards.

Removing contaminants like dust, pollen, pet dander, mould spores and more from duct systems has a number of benefits, from improving air quality to extending the HVAC lifespan to odour elimination. Duct cleaning presents a number of challenges, one of which is access to sometimes complex systems. Many duct systems are within difficult to access areas, such as within walls, ceilings or floors. At Wilson Contract Services, we have specialist equipment to ensure the ducts in your building are clean and hygienic. 

Decades of Experience

Wilson Contract Services are the only UK specialists in vertical ductwork risers, using unique techniques and best practice to reach all areas of the system. We always use the right tools for the job, whether that’s scrapers and mild detergents or specialist brush and access equipment. Our staff are fully trained to deal with contaminant containment, preventing the spread of dust, mould or other contaminants within the duct system.

We’ve worked with hundreds of customers including top restaurants and restaurant groups, hotels, industrial premises, leisure facilities, schools and health services, such as The Blacklock Group, Sticks & Sushi, Nusr-et, Burger King and Asda, creating bespoke cleaning plans to get the job done.

Conveniently Located

Our specialised technicians in duct cleaning are accessible across the country, allowing us to quickly respond to any sudden or critical needs and work flexibly around your business hours. We are immensely proud of our fast, efficient, and adaptable response, aimed at minimising any disruption to your business activities.

A Highly Trained Team

Operatives at Wilson Contract Services undergo rigorous training for competence, knowledge and on-site training. All of our technicians hold a TR19 grease hygiene technician qualification GHT. This allows us to provide a Besa TR19 certificate following a kitchen extract cleaning service. We also have qualified Air Hygiene Technicians AHT for fresh air ventilation extract and supply systems. Refresher training is undertaken as needed and regular toolbox talks are attended to stay updated on new guidance and regulations.

Working to Besa TR19 guidelines, we provide all necessary documents required for health and safety visitors, landlords and insurance companies. Inclusive of Fire Safety certification, method statements and risk assessments. A post-clean report with before and after images and recommendations is also be supplied, in accordance with BESA guidelines, as evidence of our visit and to help clients take the required measures to promote compliance.

We pride ourselves on having a highly trained site team

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