Cladding repairs

Our specialist crews deliver exceptional and safe cladding repairs.

Cladding repairs

Decades of Experience

Wilson Contract Services is one of the leading cladding repair companies in the UK, with over three decades of experience. Our specialist crews are trained to cover both domestic and commercial cladding repairs and have experience with smaller independent brands and larger retailers, such as ASDA and Marks & Spencer.

Whether domestic or commercial, we can repair all types of cladding to any building, whether there are cracks, chips, dents or staining on wood, composite or metal cladding or powder coated panelling, our specialist team can treat and repair it. Our teams work to professionally repair and fill the damaged areas, before carefully respraying and colour-matching the finish to ensure it matches the rest of the cladding perfectly.

A Highly Trained Team

No matter the state of your cladding, we have dedicated specialist crews across the country ready to repair it. All of our cladding repair teams work to the highest standards and work efficiently to deliver projects as quickly as possible, without ever compromising on quality. Our professional approach and quick turnaround time also means less interruption to your business.

We are also renowned for strong planning and project management, providing comprehensive and transparent reporting throughout every project. We are committed to providing a quality service for all customers, and are delighted to consistently receive positive feedback for our commercial decorating and painting work.

Our customers make us great

Our specialist cladding repair crews have worked with all kinds of customers on all kinds of building, from smaller independent brands and larger retailers, such as ASDA and Marks & Spencer.

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