Domestic Cladding Repair

Our domestic cladding repairs can cover a range of issues, such as impact damage, weather damage and more.

Domestic Cladding Repair

Why Domestic Cladding Repair?

Domestic cladding repair involves the restoration and maintenance of external cladding on residential buildings. The type of repair depends on the issue and the material of the cladding in question. The team at Wilson Contract Services are trained to fix all types of domestic cladding repair, whether there are cracks, chips, dents or staining on all materials including wood, composite and metal cladding, or powder coated panelling, to a professional standard and in the safest way possible.

It’s important to repair the cladding on domestic buildings to prevent a number of problems that can lead to further issues over time, such as maintaining the structural integrity of the building, protecting it from the elements, which can lead to issues like water ingress. It can also help to keep up the kerb appeal of a home. Over time, cladding can become discoloured and stained or outdated, so repairing and replacing domestic cladding can help to keep up-to-date with what people are looking for in a home.

Decades of Experience

Our specialist cladding repair and cleaning teams work to professionally repair and fill the damaged areas, before carefully respraying and colour-matching the finish to ensure it matches the rest of the cladding perfectly.

A Highly Trained Team

Operatives at Wilson Contract Services undergo rigorous training for competence, knowledge and on-site training. Refresher training is undertaken as needed and regular toolbox talks are attended to stay updated on new guidance and regulations.

We pride ourselves on having a highly trained site team

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